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Welcome Agrophilians,

Agrophilia.com is a website and an application for Android (which will be available very quickly during the Tour of the world) in French and in English which allows professionals and amateurs of the farming community to get all the information they want on the political, economic, legal, social and cultural issues in the agricultural sector. With different backgrounds but a common goal – to find agricultural solutions together for the world of tomorrow – customers of Agrophilia.com will demonstrate a real collaboration between them. A collaborative economy that will help to find new ideas and three kinds of subcriptions will allow Agrophilia to grow. Agrophilia, an agro-reference for everyone!



29/04/16: Inauguration of Agrophilia on Champs-Elysées Avenue

30/04/16: Agrophilia.com available on Internet

03/05/16: China


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Who am I ?

Annabel Agrophilia

Annabel Dominault, the founder, has a master in communication, and she is graduated of an MBA and above all she loves agriculture.